Veteran Student Child Care Subsidy

If you have any questions or would like assistance filling out the application, please contact us at or 206-338-7570 *Language interpretation available. 


The King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy has designated funding to support veteran students with the costs of their child care while they pursue their post-secondary education or training program.  Child Care Resources is administering the program in partnership with the County.

We are committed to making a difference for children and families in our community. Our goal is to assist veteran families in securing stable, quality child care for their children by providing partial child care payments.

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Program Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the King County Veteran Student Child Care Subsidy Program, a person must meet all below criteria:

  1. Live in King County;
  2. Have served at least one day, as either active duty or a reservist member in any of the armed forces recognized by the United States Department of Defense (any discharge type);
  3. Be currently and actively enrolled in an accredited post-secondary education program or an accredited employment program such as apprenticeships and journey-level certification programs;
  4. Have children needing childcare between the ages of 0-12;
  5. Fall below 100% of King County Area Median Income

Income Guidelines:

Household Size  

Gross Monthly Income Limit 















                                                  *GI Bill Benefits are not included in the income calculation 


How do I apply?

Step One:

Complete an application online, by email/fax, or over the phone.

  1. Online Application: Apply Here

  2. Fillable PDF form: Download fillable PDF here. Email completed form to or fax to 206-336-7877

  3. Over the phone: Call us at 206-338-7570 - Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Language interpretation available 

Step Two:

Submit below Verification Documents at The information and documentation provide by you and your household is confidential and will be used only for the purposes of determining eligibility and verifying the information that you submit.

  1. Proof of Military Service
  2. Student Verification
  3. Income Verification
  4. Residency Verification

Pictures or screenshots of documents are fine.

Proof of Military Service:  Please submit your DD214 form. How to request your military records

          or any of the documents below

  • DD Form 215
  • Certificate of Discharge (if prior to 1950)
  • NA Form 13038 Certification of Military Service
  • NA Form 13041 Statement of Military Service
  • NG Form 22
  • Retired Military ID
  • VA BDN Screen Printout
  • VA ID
  • VA Statement of Service
  • VA Vista Screen Printout

Student Verification: Please submit a copy of the below documents. If you are not register yet, but planning on starting school on the next quarter, please just let us know. We will still accept and review your application.

  • School Registration or Verification of Enrollment
  • Class Schedule for the quarter you intend to apply for the subsidy.

Income Verification: Submit one of these options. Submit documentation for all income your household receives.

  • Paystubs: two full months of recent paystubs and/or other proof of income for all adults in your household (including child support, unemployment insurance, SSI/SSD, etc). 
  • Letter from any employer that includes start date, hours worked, wage.
  • Self-Employed: Request a self-employment form at

Feel free to black-out any personally identifying information (SSN, bank account info etc.) other than full name, employer, employee home address, payment amount and date of statement. 

If you have any concerns about verifying your income, please just let us know.

Residency VerificationIf your home address is listed on the paystub, or any other documentation you are providing, no additional proof of residency is required; otherwise, families will need to submit the following to demonstrate residence in King County.

  • If you are experiencing homelessness or otherwise unable to verify your home address, please let us know and we will provide alternative means of verification.  
  • Documentation must be no more than 3 months old, include the name of the applicant, and cannot be envelopes or personal correspondence.
  • Submit ONE from this list:
    • Utility Bill (Gas, Water/Garbage, Light/Electrical, Cable, Landline phone)
    • Home/Renter’s Insurance   
    • Mortgage Document   


  • TWO from this list from different sources:  
    • Insurance document (health, car, etc.)   
    • Benefits document (DSHS, SSI, paystub, etc.)   
    • Financial document (Bank Statement, retirement, credit card statement)   
    • Other bills   
    • Driver’s License   
    • Lease or Housing Agency letter 

Step Three:

Choose a child care provider:  If you are looking for a child care provider, please contact our Family Resources Center at 1-800-446-1114 for a list of referrals of licensed child care providers.

Please see section for Child Care Providers Eligible to Receive Subsidy

  • Licensed Child Care Center (CCC) or Family Child Care (FCC)
  • School-Age Only Programs (SA)

Once you have selected your child care provider, please provide the information below:

  • Child Care provider Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Child Start Date in care
  • Monthly fee you pay per child.

Child Care Providers Eligible to Receive Subsidy

Subsidies will be paid directly to the child care provider on behalf of the student veteran. The child care subsidy may be used to pay for any of the following types of child care:

Licensed Child Care Center (CCC) or Family Child Care (FCC):

  • Providers must be licensed and in good standing with the State of Washington 
  • Families may call 1-800-446-1114 or visit to determine whether a provider is appropriately licensed.

School-Age Only Programs (SA):

  • For providers serving only school-aged children (6 years and older), they must be operating legally.

Family, Friend, or Neighbor (FFN) provider: If a student veteran wishes to use a family member, friend, or neighbor to watch their children, Child Care Resources will provide a payment each month (amount determined by family size and income) that the parent will use to pay their FFN provider.  In order to receive this payment, the care arrangement must meet the following criteria:

  • A family member (including grandparents, aunts and uncles, elders, older siblings, ages 17+) or unrelated caregiver (friend or neighbor with existing relationship) can care for the child(ren) in the caregiver or the child(ren)’s home;
  • Parents, step-parents, legal guardians, parent’s spouse or live-in partner and other people acting in a parental relationship are not eligible to receive the subsidy;
  • Caregivers under age 17 may not receive the subsidy

Amount and Duration of Child Care Subsidy

The monthly amount of the child care subsidy is determined by the following factors: gross monthly income, household size, age category of the child (infant, toddler, preschool, school age), type of child care provider (Child Care Center, Family Child Care, School-Age Only Program), and the monthly hours of care required for eligible activities (classes, study and travel time, work).  Students can continue to receive subsidy as long as they remain eligible and funds are available.  Evidence of active enrollment in an eligible program will be required before each new quarter.


Printable PDF Flyer

This program receives funding from the King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy