Start early, start right, start now

Children begin learning at birth. 

The first years of a child’s life are the most meaningful and have the greatest impact. This is why the quality of their earliest relationships is so important. While family is the first and best teacher for a child, we know many families need their children to be cared for while they work or go to school. It’s never too early to take steps to provide your child with the best early learning experiences, but it’s crucial to make sure the steps you’re taking are the best for your child’s family.

Advocacy update: Thank to all who wrote to their City of Seattle Councilmembers urging them to include funding for CCR's Homeless Child Care Subsidy Program in the city's 2018 budget, $400,000 has been allocated to ensure that families experiencing homelessness in King & Pierce counties will have access to child care subsidies.

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Kaleidoscope Play & Learn book drive update: Thanks to our generous supporters, we raised $2,250 to purchase 490 multicultural and bilingual books for our KP&L groups, promoting a diversity of stories, thought, and experiences in these early learning settings.


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