Careers at Child Care Resources

All of us at Child Care Resources are committed to providing children with the best possible start to life, as well as providing the training and support that Early Learning Professionals need.

CCR is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity among our staff. We strongly encourage people of color, people who speak a second language, and people with disabilities to apply.

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Provider Services Program Assistant

Description: NATURE AND SCOPE: The Program Assistant is a member of the Provider Services Team and reports to a Provider Services Supervisor. This position will work collaboratively with Managers, TA Specialists and Coaches, Quality Baseline Assessors, and other Program Assistants in Provider Services to ensure that overall team and specific project needs are met.

Compensation: $36,886-$43,395 Posting Date: August 30, 2018 Click for full description (pdf)

Family Resource Specialist

Description: NATURE & SCOPE: The Family Resource Center Team is part of the Family Services Department – where programs, services, advocacy and community partnerships focus on families statewide. The Specialist reports to a supervisor (Family Resource Center Project Coordinator) for overall staffing assignments and performance evaluations. In addition, the Specialist will be assigned additional responsibilities where they may collaborate with regional CCA staff and/or report to an assigned program manager or senior team member for individual project direction. As a member of the Family Resources Team, the Specialist must participate as an active and engaged member of the team; setting goals and helping ensure that the work is accomplished. Frequently, the entire Family Services Department works collaboratively to define develop and meet department deliverable and outcomes.

Compensation: $38,892-$48,515 Posting Date: September 4, 2018 Click for full description (pdf)

Early Learning Policy and Advocacy Manager

Description: The Early Learning Policy and Advocacy Manager is tasked with leading the organization’s public policy advocacy at the local and state levels. This position will focus on leading the organization’s public policy direction and engagement. They are responsible for building relationships directly with stakeholders, building staff skills around effective advocacy and developing collateral materials to educate and support the agency’s policy work. They have direct responsibility for the promotion of quality child care in the community and for developing and managing relationships and contracts. This position represents the specific interests of King and Pierce Counties.

Compensation: $60, 020 - $75,027 Posting Date: September 24, 2018 Click for full description (pdf)

Quality Assurance Manager

Description: The Quality Assurance Manager is tasked with leading the organization’s evaluation and quality assurance efforts. The purpose of the Quality Assurance Manager position is to ensure compliance with program expectations and outcomes, facilitate agency wide reporting, data management/analysis and to promote continuous quality improvement (CQI). The Quality Assurance Manager supports the implementation and evaluation of program goals, objectives and outcomes as defined by our annual plan, strategic plan and funder requirements; implements and monitors effective agency-wide data collection and reporting systems. In addition, the Manager manages outcomes reporting and program compliance for grants/contracts; and implements procedures for ensuring that data and information are shared across the agency, and used to proactively inform business decisions.

Compensation: $65,789-$77,399 Posting Date: October 12, 2018 Click for full description (pdf)

Early Achievers Coach

Description: The Early Achievers (EA) Coach directly impacts the quality of child care facilities in King County utilizing the statewide Quality Rating and Improvement System (Early Achievers). The Coach role entails providing on-site and distance practice-based coaching to center and home based licensed child care programs serving children ages 0-5, located in King and/or Pierce Counties. Coaches work in partnership with child care center teachers, administrators and/or family child care providers to develop quality improvement goals, model and support best practices in early childhood education and management practices, and support professional development goals. This position will work with providers who are at all levels of the rating process from beginning, to initial rating, and renewal.

Compensation: $47,302 - $59,128 Posting Date: September 13, 2018 Click for full description (pdf)

Infant Toddler Coach

Description: PURPOSE: The Infant Toddler Coach provides coaching services to infant and toddler teachers of licensed early learning facilities in King County enrolled in Early Achievers, Washington State’s Quality Rating and Improvement System. The goal of coaching services is to decrease expulsions, increase referrals to early intervention services and increase Early Achievers ratings through purposeful and relationship-based coaching. As a result, the role of the Infant/Toddler Coach is dynamic and includes: providing customized coaching to support teachers increase the quality of early learning experiences for infants and toddlers; implementation of the video coaching model, Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND) to promote nurturing and responsive caregiving; and training and consultation to support early learning facilities in implementation of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) to be used as a universal developmental screening tool.

Compensation: $47,302 - $59,128 Posting Date: September 19, 2018 Click for full description (pdf)