Circle Time Autumn 2018

Child Care Resources Newsletter                                              Autumn 2018

Circle Time: noun 1. a time in which young children sit together and share news and stories

Gratitude Edition

I love the topic of this annual newsletter; it is good for all of us to reflect on what we are thankful for and the importance of engaging in gratefulness. Recently I had the opportunity to work directly with preschoolers and school-aged children and found myself surrounded by the simplicity of children’s thankful hearts. Children so easily identify what they are thankful for; their mom or dad, best friend, grandma, grandpa, their teacher. Their gratefulness and love verflow from them; they see the world more simply. Good things are simply good. As adults we even work with kids to nurture their ability to say thank you and appreciate the good things in their lives. There is so much to take from this and apply to our adult lives. 
I invite you to consider the next time you are expressing thankfulness that instead of saying that was a great party “except for” or we have really impacted the quality of care “but”... that we stop at the “except for” and replace the “but” with “and” to stay in a place of gratitude. As I look back on this past year, I have much to be grateful for at CCR; amazing board members and donors who are committed to ensuring we have the resources we need to do our work. And I simply must acknowledge the amazing staff who work with families, caregivers, and providers to ensure children are in warm caring environments that support them as they to grow and ultimately thrive.  
As I head into 2019, I invite all of us (and especially me!) to start...and end with gratefulness.    
All the best, 

Thank you to donors, sponsors, and supporters who made the 2018 luncheon possible!


“There is a large achievement gap between children growing up in low-income families and their peers in more advantaged situations, and the disparities have been large and growing...We have to realize that these are ALL of our children, because they are the people who will shape our society for years to come.”  -Ajay Chaudry

Emcee Fred Northup, Jr., Representative Tana Senn, CEO Deeann Puffert, keynote speaker Dr. Ajay Chaudry, client speaker Mari Deering

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