Paying for child care

As you search for the right type of child care, cost is an important factor. Child Care Resources is here to help you find the options that are right for your situation and your child. Our trained staff can assist you with any financial questions you may have about paying for care. Keep reading for more information about programs that can help you pay for care for your child.

Child care rates vary by region; some child care centers or caregivers offer a multi-child discount or sliding scale based on income. When you interview caregivers, have a discussion about what you can afford and request written information about costs. Licensed early learning professionals are required to have a Parent Handbook with information on fees, deposits and more; make sure you receive a copy and read it thoroughly. Extensive information about average rates in your area is also available from Child Care Aware of Washington.

Subsidies and Scholarships

The Washington State Working Connections Child Care subsidy provides financial assistance for families with low incomes while they work, look for work or go to school.

Are you eligible? Click here to review a PDF of the Eligibility Guidelines or visit the Washington Connection website. 

To apply online, click here.

City of Seattle Comprehensive Child Care Program

The City of Seattle helps low- and moderate-income working families pay for child care. A family may choose from more than 100 high-quality licensed child care programs in Seattle.

To be screened in English, call 206-386-1050. For eligibility information and to learn about services in other languages, click here.

Child Care Financial Assistance Program

Child Care Resources administers a child care financial assistance program for residents of Bellevue, Kent and Redmond who have a child ages 1-month to 12-years in licensed child care.

To apply, click here for an application. Please mail or fax the completed application to CCR, or call us at 206-329-1011, ext. 268.

Homeless Child Care Program

Child Care Resources assists homeless families in finding child care with short term subsidies. Click here to see more information about child care options for homeless families in King County. Assistance is also available for homeless families outside of King County, click here for a list of Homeless Child Care Programs contractors.

Are you eligible? Click here to see the Eligibility Guidelines. If you have questions or to complete our intake process, call us at 206-329-5842.

Flexible spending accounts & tax credits for working families

Some employers offer flexible spending accounts, which allow costs for dependent care and health expenses to be deducted from payroll taxes, resulting in substantial payroll tax savings. Talk to your employer to find out if a flex plan is available.

Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax credit for low- and moderate-income working individuals and families. For some workers, it can result in a tax refund for those who claim and are qualified for the credit. The Federal Child Tax Credit is another way to help pay for child care and can help you save on your tax bill.